CD: Dangermouse/Sparklehorse – ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’

Here it is then, the best album you will not be buying this year! Not because it’s not good, it is, but the record company has thrown a little hissy fit and the copyright guys and executives aren’t happy and so, no dice. Still, you’ve got the Internet, right? In that case you can probably find yourself a copy of this before we’ve even finished writing this review. Don’t get us wrong, we are not condoning piracy, but if the album is never gonna be released then you’re not taking any money from The Man or The Artist and lets face it, this is a record that deserves to be heard.

Of course, it could be very different, albums of this kind can be destroyed by all kinds of hubris, the rock star ego being the main one, everyone wanting the biggest piece of the Superstar pie. Yet here, you just find a great song with a great singer following a great song with a great singer. We mean, an album that starts with a dreamy lullaby with Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne on vocals and then gets better has to be worth a listen or ten, right? Especially when it leads into a Super Furry dreamscape featuring Gruff Rhys.

Want something a little more upbeat, then here comes Julian Casablancas, sporting the attitude and effortless cool that that rocketed his band to stardom. ‘Little Girl’ would have fitted in fine on ‘Is This It’ and that’s enough of a compliment for any man, Older legends, you say? Well, how about Black Francis, back to his old Pixies moniker on the raucous ‘Angels Harp’ and perennial guest star Iggy Pop with the blistering ‘Pain’.

Overall it’s a bunch of great songs by some great artists, how David Lynch’s visuals change things, we will find out when the book arrives (now bereft of a soundtrack!) but the record will do for now. Please Dangermouse, more of this and less of the cartoon buffoonery of Gnarls Barkley, you’re too good for that, even if the record company are more likely to release it…

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