CD – Kasabian ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’

I always used to hate Kasabian. At least I thought I did, I guess what I really hated was the image and the fans, both of which were too ‘man on the street’ for my liking. Oh and there’s also the fact that a lot of their work sounded like Xeroxed early Mansun b-sides, but without the intelligence.

Yet now, three albums in, it seems that the band are attempting to stretch out and grow, whilst occasionally falling back in to the ‘Poor man’s Oasis’ category that they also have had pretty much sewn up for the last few years. Opener ‘Underdog’ is a stormer, kicking in like a sledgehammer, it struts around like it owns the place and it seems the band are reaching higher than before. This soon crashes terribly with the Oasis-by-numbers of ‘Where Did All The Love Go?’ which contains lyrics that even Noel G would consider a little simplistic. The album soon picks back up though with the triple punch of ‘Swarfiga’, ‘Fast Fuse’ and ‘Take Aim’ all impressing. Then, it all goes a little bonkers (and not in a fucking Dizzee Rascal way).

‘Thick As Thieves’ sounds as if it belongs on an early Libertines session, all perfect booze-fuelled 60’s pop, brilliant. Suddenly it seems like you have no idea what’s coming next, but always pleasantly surprised. ‘West Rider Silver Bullet’ starts with an odd Ennio Morricone vibe, before turning into a big emotional epic, all big sounds and strange sound effects. Again, brilliant.

By now the memory of ‘Where…?’ has been forgotten and the album is all over the place but constantly hitting the target, whatever the target may be! So yeah, there’s probably still enough straight ahead stuff to keep the man on the street happy but now there’s a little more depth and adventure for those looking for something with a little more bite. Part of it sounds like the 60s, part of it sounds like the future. Worth checking out for sure. Just dont take fashion tips from them.

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