LYRICS: ‘It Cannot Be Murder If I’m Already Dead’

I started to climb from the grave in the morning
The guests were all gone and the hounds were all yawning.
I brushed off the dirt and cursed their sweet lord
For sending me back and not cutting the cord.

I remember how it happened
I remember how she cried
She hit be with a rusted hoe
And that was how I died.
Revenge is on my mind
Though I cant take a breath.
I’ll find that dour woman
And I’ll clobber her to death!

I arrive at her door at quarter to ten
She’s a little surprised to see me again.
In bed with another, my beauty betrothed
I pull out a pistol and smile, kill them both.

Think I deserve a drink now
It’s hard work all this killing
I’ll go visit Uncle Jack
If my rotting flesh is willing.
I walk into my favourite bar
The people stop and stare
I take a shot of bourbon
And quickly lose every care.

I feel eyes stare at me and muttering begin
Hear someone declare I’m an unholy sin.
Before I am ready, I feel the attack
Broken hearted corpse with a knife in the back.

So that was my tale
Not another sound
They returned my frame
To a hole in the ground.
I heard their priest chanting
Sounded like a joke
Then ten minutes later
Again I awoke.
Again I awoke…

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