POEM: ‘I’m In The Sky, I’m In The Stars’

I realise how quick life goes
How everything spins away so fast
And no one stops to smell the roses.
I realise you don’t believe me
I look like a wooden doll on a stage
Fake applause and confetti tears.
I realise how special you are
And I’m just another face in the scene
Another it-boy, another loser.
I realise as I hold the candle
That the wax is already burning down my arm
But I’m not dropping the plate
I’m not giving in to the hand
Pushing me forever under.
I’m looking out of the grave
Onto a clearer day for tomorrow.
Alone, choking in the sun
I guess I was wrong
What I want is not for me.
The flower I sent decayed before arrival
A sickening reminder of my shallow self.
Keep dreaming my beautiful
I’m in the sky, I’m in the stars.

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