POEM: ‘Number’

POEM: ‘Number’

Cave in my brother’s head for a taste of Black Bread.
Instantly bring it back up
Vomiting over myself
Dignity long gone.
I fall down
Feet move into my space.
Pinned to the floor
Some punch me like a flesh balloon.

POEM: ‘The Modern Age’

POEM: ‘The Modern Age’

Stranger, I walk the streets beguiled.
See caffeine freaks sucking the Starbucks teat
See the burger kids chucking down another Happy Meal and throwing away the toy.
Walk through malls
Watching empty people justify their stinking lives
With a label or two they don’t need.
Another suit to wear in front of the mirror.
Congratulations, nothing dressed as something.

Home time, watch the shuffle to the alcohol.
Like troops they walk
1-2, 1-2,
Pints and gin and “Did you see?”, blah blah.
Eating snacks and bitching hard.
Young secretary sticks her tongue down an old throat to climb the ladder
Wakes up next day looking for her underwear in a million dollar flat,
Feeling cheap.

POEM: ‘Constants’

POEM: ‘Constants’

Cars cruise past
Dead souls behind the wheel
Corpses on street corners
Looking for business as they rot.
Decaying bodies fill the pubs
Another round going down
Maggots in the ashtrays.
Cinematic catafalques
Puss in the popcorn.
Butchers hang on their own hooks
Flesh freshly chewed as the meat decays.
Hospitals like circus tents
A legless body devouring Valium
A screaming child chewing a stranger.
Fire breaks out in the church
A holy barbecue smell throughout
For all the praying
The deaths are slow and painful
Their mouths turn in on themselves
Black smoke, black souls.
Man in the street
Stares at his watch through acidic eyes.
It’s stopped, of course.

POEM – ‘Tinysmall In The Valley Of The Dolls’

POEM – ‘Tinysmall In The Valley Of The Dolls’

[Thanks to CD for the original concept of Tinysmall and (however briefly) making my work a lot lighter. xx]

I’m the made of matchsticks boy
Returned to say hello
I’ve been travelling far and wide
It’s all been quite a show!
A cuckoo took me for its nest
Built of lots just like me
An eagle came and tossed him out
And took me to the sea.
We dropped into the water
And luck kept us afloat
Hugging little matchstick boys
Making matchstick boats.
We came upon a sandy beach
Where satisfied we lie
I rested my wet wooden frame
Until completely dry.
Then a young kid grabbed me
And chucked me really far
His dog sprinted and picked me up
Then we jumped in a car.
Left upon the kitchen floor
Crawled over by a mouse
Little boy’s sister took me
She was building a house!
Painted pink and wedged in tight
A mansion for the dolls
She tidied up this brittle boy
Repairing all the holes.
Turns out the house was not for her
A present for her mother
In her room we proudly sit
Safely in shade and cover.
After all my adventures
Perhaps this is the best
Love is the greatest gift to give
More wondrous than the rest.