POEM: ‘Train Access Ramp’

I never knew how many stairs in Camden Tube till you got ill.
Then you’d cling to the banister and clamber to the street.
“Well, I could do with a drink”, you’d exclaim
With the biggest smile in the world.
Don’t know if you loved Camden
Or loved my love of Camden
Either way we had magic there.
You chatted to Menswe@r
Listening gripped to their touring tales
A tour you’d given us a lift to the week before.
Laughed with Graham Coxon
Turning the shy quiet poster into a sniggering heap.
Passed me jukebox money
Wanted to hear The Who
You loved The Who
They were ours.
Travelling to The Albert Hall
Hanging in the bar with the mods
Chatting happily with the faces.
Back to the hotel for JD and Bud
And a late one, always a late one.
Shopping, looking for The Residents.
The tiny old Forbidden Planet
Hours in the cinema section,
The Oxford Street circle.
A pub you liked in Soho
Popping into Music And Video Exchange
Walking through the lights and the shifty glamour
Laughing and “What is THAT?” at the window displays.
Out into Leicester Square,
Another record store?
Don’t mind if I do.
Out to the steak house
Examine our haul.
More conversations in the hotel bar.

Not sepia,
Glorious colour.
Happy birthday
We miss you.

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