POEM: ‘Comes The Night’

Rain beating down on the plastic roof
Aqua machine gun fire keeping me sentient.
I light a Lucky Strike
Wait for the sun to reclaim the sky
And tomorrow to become today.
Sudden thumping on the door
Familiar voice brings me round.
I open the door and Sammy The Chink steams in
Resplendent in a once virgin white suit
Now scarred with blood.
In a case like this I know what to do
I’m out of the door with not so much as a hello.
What you don’t know can’t get you murdered.
Rain extinguishes my cigarette
I huddle into the all nigh bar
Where whatever the time you’ll find
The characters from the dark side of the city.
Still, it’s a comforting crowd
I feel no fear as I swig my Jack
– It’s the Normals out there you should be scared of.
Old Roy plays The Stones
Singing along in the deepest voice.
Rachel looks up from behind the bar
A mixture of amusement and bemusement.
I turn back to the bar and see my glass is full.
Sammy The Clink resplendent in black.
We clink glasses and it’s down the hatch.
Another night in the city
Another adventure I’ll deny being part of.

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