POEM: ‘Haiku #4’

POEM: ‘Haiku #4’

Tears on the mirror.
Snort and sway into the night
Technicolor ants.

POEM: ‘Haiku #2’

POEM: ‘Haiku #2’

Judges judge the weak.
Fragility laughed upon,
Death – a pub topic.

POEM: ‘Haiku #1’

POEM: ‘Haiku #1’

Heartbreak is a fire.
It can warm you through the night,
Or burn you to ash.

POEM: ‘Tinysmall VI: Pub Games’

POEM: ‘Tinysmall VI: Pub Games’

I was hanging with my friend The Brick
He’s a bit square but okay.
Sometimes we meet up in the pub
And dream the day away.
Being a stick and made of wood
At least I don’t perspire.
But the problem that I do have is…
“Keep away from the fire!”
The landlord likes to shout at me
Whenever I come in.
He chortles, laughing to himself
And fixes me a gin.
“Drink on the house, young Tinysmall!”
He’s kindly, that old fool.
The brick just grabs a bag of crisps
And we’re off to play pool.
He laughs and sinks the yellow ball
He doesn’t have a clue.
He thinks that it’s amusing though
To use me as a cue!
After a while the black goes down
And Brick begins to yelp.
Such a sore loser that young man
His temper does not help.
So then it’s table football
And another lovely gin.
He looks so intense and so strong
But once again I win!
At this point he begins to sulk
It don’t seem right to tease.
I hug my friend, I’m out the door
Just before the…”Time, please!”

POEM – ‘Hey Mommy, What Was A Spaceman?’

POEM – ‘Hey Mommy, What Was A Spaceman?’

Future Kubricks aborted as cost cutting exercises.
A thousand Deuce Bigelows, but no Clockwork Orange.
The library only has fifteen titles
Fourteen Holy Bibles
And an inoffensive romance written by a government ghost.
No one has ideas anymore
No paper needed to make notes
No sketches become Sunflowers.

Kennedys are spinning
No screening for Zapruder
Quickly smothered by Life.
Believe the Magic Bullet
And stop your damned thinking!
No news is good news
Settle down and take it
Now, a word from our sponsors.
If you’re questioning
Come this way, relax
Take a shower.
We’ve replaced your name in the name of compliance.
Speaking up is the first step to revolution
Issuing the first print made by the boot.

Wave goodbye to the Space Race
Atlantis, a forgotten treasure.
Kids no longer look to the stars and dream they can fly.
They’ll never see the Stars & Stripes thrust proudly into the moon’s surface.
The footage never shown
The planet’s adventurous past erased.
We are the dreamers of dreams
But the world now sleeps in black and white.
Our constant questioning is seen as insane danger.
For those with ideas –
The sanitarium awaiting.

POEM – ‘For You’

POEM – ‘For You’

Throw your diamonds up
In your twig like arms they bleed to coal.
You’re looking through me
Te space where my heart beats
The veins where I mainline you
Love is the drug you cant (and don’t want to) kick.
Leaves you pale and posturing
Asking the question
Forgetting the answer.
My stare is glass
Reflecting into myself
Inwards and inwards
Forgetting how to breathe.
Neon flicks on
The dream drips away
You swim in my head like a mystical mermaid.
3AM, open a beer
Drink it down
Here’s a toast
To the girl.
To.The.Girl.I. ( ).