POEM: ‘Beauty Under Dust’

The invisible enemyMoving slowly like a riverUntouchable, unstoppableTearing into skin like the ubiquitous cut worm.Eating,Always eating,Flesh clinging to weak bones.Radiation … More

POEM: ‘Avenue’

I saw the old man everydayHis garage door openRevealing his untidy workshop.This consisted of a workbenchAnd a never ending collection … More

POEM: ‘Rust’

Tar on the roadCar slips from its routeDoes the dance of death and kisses the stop sign.Parents lay silent in … More

POEM: ‘Passenger’

He hit the car as I turned the corner.First I knew I saw the windshield crackThen a face appeared like … More

POEM: ‘Exit 26’

Translucent body strewn across the highwayHeat escaping and sweating into the swollen tarmac.Armadillo stops to stare at the bugs formingA … More

POEM: ‘Ice Age’

As fall diesWinter creeps in like an unwanted guestSpeaking ill of you at your own funeral.Snow shimmers like crystal across … More