POEM: ‘The Ballad Of The Pepper-Sprayed Nobodies’

So I bought a magazine in WHSmiths Grabbed a coffee from Starbucks And got on the train. Achtung Baby on … More

POEM: ‘Girl Note’

I’m not an open bookKeep emotions in rusty fortresses.Faded images for the cameraBecomes the real me.I’ve worn the mask so … More

POEM: ‘Spirit’

See her across the Bourbon lineStill, whilst the room constantly spins.Eyes look towards the heavensManga stare deflected through the night … More

POEM: ‘Enlightened’

The snow capped mountains stare down in judgementWhispering distain through the cold air.I continue the search for youWithout the necessary … More

POEM: ‘Dot’

Vertical, not horizontal.This is no cry for help,It’s extinction.

POEM: ‘Perfect Date’

Waiting outside your houseStanding on noodle legsTrying to look dignified.Check my tie in a puddle’s distorted reflectionRun a plastic comb … More