R.I.P. Paul Bearer


It seems strange to be writing this so soon after hyping the return of The Undertaker but WWE has just broken the news that William Moody, known to wrestling fans around the world as Paul Bearer has died, at the age of 58.

Paul Bearer was with WWE for over 20 years, working with Kane and Mankind, but most known for the work he did with The Undertaker, often coming back at main events where he would always get a massive roar from the crowd. Rumours would circulate before every Wrestlemania as to whether Bearer would return and surely their will be some tribute to him at the big show this year.

This poem was written by Moody to commemorate the death of his friend Owen Hart and so it seems only right to quote it here:

“He will not grow old,
Like we who are left grow old
Age shall not weary him,
Nor the years condemn…
After going down of the sun,
and in the morning
We will remember him, goodbye old buddy.”

And goodbye to you, Mr Moody. One of the all time greats of sports entertainment.


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