Wilde Ready For Tr3n


I have always loved Tron, it’s just one of those movies that blows you away as a kid and then just stays with you throughout your life. Just the excitement of a new arcade machine arriving in the arcade and people crowding round and high scores and quarters (or ten pences in my case) and joysticks…oh my.

I thought the sequel worked really well, I mean there were a million reasons why it could fail, kids these days are so much more au fait with technology and spend most of their time ‘inside’ a techno word thanks to broadband and Twitter and the PSN etc etc that the idea of the filn is not so far fetched as it was back when we didn’t have super graphic games at home at the touch of a button.

Jeff Bridges gave another brilliant performance and Olivia Wilde was impressively tough as the girl, not in danger, but in the game. She basically kicked some pixellated ass.

In interviews for her latest movies she has been constantly bombarded with questions about a possible return to the Tron universe and over at HitFix, she confirmed that the sequel seems to be going full steam ahead and that she would be happy to return and see how her character is doing now that she is in the real world.

Of course, Disney is rather busy with a certain other sci-fi epic at the moment but one would hope they have enough time to give us another two hours inside The Grid, even if fun these days is much more than a quarter.

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