Demi Lovato Returns, Pop Smiles


It’s a sweet time to be a fan of American pop with the return of Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez last week, Miley Cyrus turning up on the new Snoop Dogg (Sorry, Snoop Lion) single and now Camp Rock’s Demi Lovato attempts to crash the charts with the first single from her forthcoming album.

Heart Attack is a storming stomper, less pure pop than the first two albums, less laid back and up than the Camp Rock soundtracks, a grown up Lovato, looking outside Radio Disney for a larger audience. Seeing as the current favourite with the cool kids is that odd looking little dude from *N’Sync then Demi should have a good chance of major success with this track. Oh and I was not hating on Justin T there, just pointing out that pure pop is not a crime. Demi rules.

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