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1. This Is Halloween – Panic! At The Disco
2. What’s This? – Fall Out Boy
3. Video Girl – Jonas Brothers
4. Purple Rain – Prince
5. Take Me Away – Ween
6. Die In The Summertime – Manic Street Preachers
7. Loaded – Thurman
8. Sleeping Makes Me Thirsty – Jack
9. Never Learn Not To Love – Beach Boys
10. Helter Skelter – The Beatles

Poem : No One

Poem : No One


Where is he now?
Locked in a barrel
Decomposing in his own juices.
Lime and cat litter can’t stop the air smelling of death,
A professional would recognise it immediately.
But no one is looking for him.
Just some junked up kid
Living on Know Your Role Boulevard.
Invisible to the masses,
Tossed aside by anyone who ever cared.
No sweetheart waits by the phone
No one is watching the skies
No one is holding their breath.
He made the fatal mistake of trusting a whirlpool
Only to find himself sucked in.
Only to find himself spat out.