Quote, Unquote : Bret Easton Ellis

Quote, Unquote : Bret Easton Ellis


“No one is drawn to writing about being happy or feelings of joy.”

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Thoughts On ‘Mama’

Thoughts On ‘Mama’


I first took notice of Mama when the brilliant AintItCool crew started reporting on it, but it was my sister who finally persuaded me to grab it. She has excellent taste in horror (except for somehow hating the classic LHOTL) and when I get a frantic text saying SEE THIS, it is usually correct.

Mama is an old fashioned spirit story, a twisted fairytale, as the opening Once Upon A Time… title card suggests. Like most fairytales it soon delves into a pretty dark place and then you are stranded in a black hole, holding your breath waiting for a break in the incredible intensity which never comes.

Part of the magic of Mama is the fact that you have no idea what is happening or what is going to happen so I am not going to spilt that here, let’s just say two little girls are taken in by their adoring uncle whilst being looked after by his rock band girlfriend who finds them tough to control and understand. Noises then start, songs are sung, pictures are drawn, hearts beat faster. And faster. And faster.

Performances throughout are excellent. Jessica Chastain plays the rock chick with attitude and eventual warmth and the children are brilliant, you truly can believe that they are wild and will never be controllable. Those things in the darkness, they are terrifying, don’t watch this before going to sleep, please.

Astoundingly Mama has only a 15 certificate but then you think about what you have seen and realise it is practically nothing – like Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism before it, it is your own imagination that frightens you rather than what is actually on the screen. I can take all amount of blood and gore, but a child’s tiny voice in the air is enough to completely freak me. Trust me, Mama will freak you but you will also be recommending it to all and sundry as one of horror’s most original and horrifying chillers. I’ll meet you behind the sofa.