Thoughts On ‘The Watch’


Jonah Hill. I love Jonah Hill. You are pretty much guaranteed that if Jonah is in a movie, you are going to have some fun with it and The Watch is no exception. From the English poster yo may have expected just your average buddy movie but check out the foreign poster above and you get much more of an idea of what The Watch contains.

Yes, it’s a kick-ass alien movie! The neighbourhood watch is not just helping with cats stuck up trees, oh no, they have to stop a worldwide alien invasion which unluckily for them has begun in their quiet US town. You might think that Hill, Vaughn, Stiller and that dude from The IT Crowd would be useless in such a situation but when things get tough, this quartet deal with it coolly and calmly. Except for a lot of swearing and some madcap Stooges style violence obviously.

The aliens when they show up are fantastic and the green goo blood becomes a running joke especially when Stiller hits one with a car and they think they may have hit an octopus. With green blood. Hey, they are not doctors, they are superheroes. Sort of.

What started as a buddy movie soon turns into an epic sci-fi thriller, so much so that you expect Arnie to show up any minute and fire off some classic catchphrases. Instead this is left to Vaughn who has plenty of one liners.

The Watch is (don’t say it…) definitely one to watch. (Oh, you said it…) Sorry.

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