Poem : Lifted From The Dark

Poem : Lifted From The Dark


Listen ot the sound that silence makes
As it quakes through your subconcious.
Drown in the tears of a dying child
Wanting only a second of your time.
Ignore the tick tick tick of today
Pushing you closer to the casket.
Hold on to your friends,
Morrissey’s advice still stands.
They bring colour,
They bring light,
They bring music,
They bring you out of your solace,
Out of your shell,
And eventually out of your hell.

Zod Bless America : Team USA is go!

Zod Bless America : Team USA is go!


Here comes the World Cup and as usual I am super excited. This might seem strange as I have no interest in the week to week goings on in league football during the year, but when the big competition rolls around, I’m right there through the whole shebang.

Yes, I will be supporting Team US. This is usually the point in a pub conversation where I will get called lots of different often rude names and the usual WHY question sticks its head above the parapet.

This is not a sudden thing, I have supported the USA since I was a young kid, probably since the first time we went there on holiday, I adore America with every ounce of my being. This then leads to the question ‘how can you follow the US when you were born in SW En-ger-land?’ I’ve always found this question very odd, considering the amount of people you see wearing Brazil or Argentina shirts in British pubs, or yearlong fans who wear Man Utd or Chelsea shirts having never been within the same postcode as Stamford Bridge. (ironically, I have been to Stamford Bridge, for the press announcement of video game Midnight Run 3, where as well as quaffing beer in the private bar, I got to sit in Morinho’s (heated) seat, with no one else in the arena. Epic!)

It’s hardly glory supporting is it? I love Team US whether we go down instantly or (hopefully) go all the way to the final. Always have, always will. Maybe it will be time to go back to Soccer Scene for the second time in my life. I walked into the Covent Garden store at the start of the competition and found one US shirt right at the back in the corner. I love that shirt. I love that team. I love that country.