Great Movie Posters : Buck Rogers

Great Movie Posters : Buck Rogers


Poem : Incident On 23rd Street

Poem : Incident On 23rd Street


Standing out in the washed-out street
A washed-out man staring at his last cigarette.
The city has changed
All familiarity lost to him
Savages at every turn.
No service from the bars
Convenience stores turn their lights off at his arrival.
Cutting on the corner,
Bleeds away with the rain.
The moon is his idol now
But all the prayers are silent.
He takes a bottle out of a bag,
Raises a toast to yesterday’s silver memories,
Pulls a blade across his throat and floats away.

Poem : 2055

Poem : 2055


I have looked to the future,
I see flat white surfaces,
Pale faces and hands reaching into the air.
Individuality is a dirt patch on a shirt.
Zeros and ones are the new messiah.
Books are burning,
Movies cut to shreds.
No lessons of history learnt.
People walk in packs
Left, right, left,
Stay in rhythm,
Stay alive.
In a hidden alley
A flower blossoms.
Music plays.
A child makes a fist.

Poem : A Final Trip

Poem : A Final Trip


A storm is raging
But the ship sails on.
Waves crash onto the deck
Sails spin
Thunder erupts.
A hole appears in the side
Water gatecrashes the party
Quickly filling the wood.
Flare goes up
But in this weather
It’s like a bug in a breeze,
Almost invisible.

All are lost.
By the time the weather calms,
It’s as if they had never existed.

Poem : Death And The Current

Poem : Death And The Current

Water current

I took her body to the river.
Our final goodbye was quick and unemotional.
I wrapped her in a bag
Looked up at a godless sky
And threw her into the water.
The current took her off
But only as far as a near rock
Upon which she lay,
Like a watered remembrance.
I took a stick
Pushed her away.
Closed my eyes.
Perhaps it was all a dream?

Soon she was moving again
And the water took her in.

Playing This Week On The Kendallrock Stereo:

Playing This Week On The Kendallrock Stereo:


1. Much Better – Jonas Brothers
2. Strip – Pink Grease
3. Miss Europa Disco Dancer – Manic Street Preachers
4. Be My Light, Be My Guide – Gene
5. White Jazz – Jack
6. New Tattoo – Motley Crue
7. Of Wolf And Man – Metallica
8. When The Wind Blows – Mansun
9. Moon River – Morrissey
10. Celebrity Skin – Hole