Cool As Hell : Seth Rollins


One man deserves the Cool As Hell accolade today after an epic and surprising performance at last night’s Wrestlemania. It seemed logical that a holder of the Money In The Bank suitcase would pull the trigger at the biggest show of the year but i was unsure if Vince would allow such a thing, especially as it seemed that everything was set up for the crowning of Roman Reigns as the new face of the company. Rollins winning opens up a million doors for the future, plenty of rivalries can be set up now, Lesnar is still strong having not been pinned, Reigns will be bitter that his former partner ruined his moment, Ambrose can claim to be the talent of the Shield and challenge, Orton can claim to be superior having genuinely beaten Rollins earlier in the evening. And that is just the rivalries that are already set up! Well done, Seth Rollins, a worthy and exciting champion.


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