‘Cabin Fever’ – Eli Roth Goes Back To The Start :


Well, I am not really sure how to feel about this trailer. I mean, I have been a lover of Eli Roth’s twisted movie worlds since his debut, Cabin Fever (“PANCAKES!”) but I am a little confused that his latest is…Cabin Fever.
Yeah, what we are dealing with here is a remake of Roth’s classic debut which uses his name to sell it “FROM EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ELI ROTH” and even stranger uses the original script, the sharp as a razor words of Eli.
The new trailer seems to suggest that whilst we are essentially in the same universe (with the same words!), things are likely to get a little bloodier, oh and the ‘pancakes’ dude has a rabbit mask which is kinda creepy.
Anyhoo, check this out and if you have not seen Roth’s original classic then please go search it out, it’s a doozy! 🙂

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