Check Out Great New Riot Grrl Fanzine ‘Mother’s Pride’ :

Check Out Great New Riot Grrl Fanzine ‘Mother’s Pride’ :


What a great day in Kendallworld, first Busted return and then Hannah Golightly sends me her new fanzine. And unlike the old days,you don’t even have to go downstairs to check the post to see if it has arrived, you can just click the link below and get your own copy of Mother’s Pride, right now!
Mother’s Pride is essentially a celebration of Riot Grrl and the ladies who are out there lighting up the scene with excitement and excellent tunes.
If you have not checked out Hannah Golightly yet, then WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? I have been listening to HG for ages now and she always brings emotion, intelligence and ass kicking in equal measures. Here she also interviews excellent band Peaness (I should stand up here and say that whilst musically they are fantastic Lemonheads/Smudge/Juliana Hatfield brilliance, that name is terrible. See also Shit Present, great bands that you really want to buy t-shirts of to share your love but THE NAMES, THE HORRIBLE NAMES!!!).
There’s also info and links for Girls To The Front, Hannah’s new project. Instead of sitting around thinking there should be more girls out there sharing the stage, Hannah has started a company to ensure a window of opportunity for any girl bands looking for a break. Awesome.
Go read!


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