MOVIE REVIEW : You’re Next

MOVIE REVIEW : You’re Next


Oh, the Sunday afternoon horror movie. I used to get my dad to take me down to the local video store to rent films that I had been reading about for years in my collection of horror books, but had previously been too scared to actually watch. 🙂
Why I mention this is that You’re Next, whilst a brilliant way to spend 91 minutes, is totally a remix of films you have seen before. There is a little bit of Friday The 13th here, a touch of Halloween there, hell even Home Alone is represented though in a much less cartoony way than young Culkin and his paint cans above the door.
The story begins as deceptively simple – a family gathers at their parents house to celebrate their anniversary. Then in true slasher movie fashion, people start to get killed. This is all you should know about You’re Next before going in, as it is a rollercoaster ride of bait and switch, twist and turn and constant shock and awe. Home invasion is always a creepy genre as you know that it could happen to you, but certain members of the household are ready to fight back. It also covers the cliches – when someone suggests hiding in the basement (Horror Cliche Numero Uno), it is shot down as “All they have to do is throw fire down there and we all burn”. Don’t get me wrong, some of the story elements are copy and pasted from the classics, but this is not cliche, merely using the documented rules of horror.
You’re Next is clever, occasionally funny, occasionally horrifying and trust me, after watching it, you will go straight to lock every window in the house. Brilliant, scary, essential horror.


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