Thoughts On ‘Kill Your Friends’ :

Thoughts On ‘Kill Your Friends’ :


How much you love Kill Your Friends probably relies on what you know about the music industry, especially in the post-britpop era. For example, in the opening minutes, I heard the names Menswe@r and Mike Hedges and I knew that this was going to be a joy. (MH produced Everything Must Go, Menswe@r released two of my favourite albums ever).
It is essentially a journey through the black heart of the music industry. Do you sign what you love or do you sign idiots to keep your job? The characters you meet through the film are VERY familiar if you know your music types and there are a lot of laughs throughout. John Niven brought his book to the screen so it is not too far away from the original, but Nicholas Hoult brings a lot of life to the main character. The only bad performance is James Corden, but luckily he is soon done away with and everyone else puts in a great performance.


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