Extreme Rules Heads To The Ambrose Asylum :

Extreme Rules Heads To The Ambrose Asylum :


With Extreme Rules coming up this Sunday, it looks as if it will very much be the Dean Ambrose show with the announcement on RAW of the first ever Asylum Match.
Ambrose against Luke Harper last year sounded like a slobberknocker, but proved a disappointment when they just disappeared off in a car only to turn up later in the show. Dumb. But this year, against Chris Jericho, Ambrose is set to steal the show and no doubt produce some great spots inside the Asylum. It is essentially a cross between a cage match and a Hell In A Cell, in that you cannot win by touching the floor or going through the door like a cage match plus there are weapons hanging above the ring, including a barbed wire wrapped four by four, surely a nod to the craziness of Mick Foley.
There is also AJ Styles versus Reigns which will no doubt see The Club getting involved, will we also see Finn Balor coming up to join his friends? The Vaudevillains have a chance to take the tag team belts and Kevin Owens should win back his Intercontinental Championship.
Extreme Rules hits the WWE Network at 1am, Sunday night/Monday morning.


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