Quote, Unquote : Paul Draper

Quote, Unquote : Paul Draper


“The Manics and Wales in Euro 2016, what can’t you not like about this? I played football with Gary Speed as a teenager and sort of welled up when James DB sang about him in this song, Gary Speed stood head and shoulders above every lad in our town, Deeside, as a footie player when we were kids so this song took me by surprise, the Manics can touch people with their directness, still.

I grew up in North Wales and supported the Manics at many a blistering gig, then sat at the side of the stage in awe. This is sort of light hearted and really sad at the same time for me, literally the Manics are the only band that can do this, how do they do it? They touch people in a way very few artists can do, even with a footie song, maybe you have to be Welsh or have a Welsh connection to understand. God bless you MSP, the greatest Welsh band ever, and the kindest…”


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