My Love Of ‘Ghostbusters’ And Why The New Trailer Rules :

My Love Of ‘Ghostbusters’ And Why The New Trailer Rules :


Oh new Ghostbusters, you ever so confusing beast! Since the very first look at the forthcoming reboot/remake/rebrand, there have been moments where I have literally cheered at the screen (mostly Kate McKinnon who should be the breakout star of the year) and others where my head has fallen into my hands at the stupidity and obviousness of the jokes/characters, I’m looking at you here mostly Leslie Jones.
Before I become the poster boy cheerleader for the excellent new trailer that tosses me firmly in the ‘positive’ department of fandom, let’s look at my history with the franchise. Hell, that sounds pretentious, this is Ghostbusters not Orson Welles, get a grip. I saw Ghostbusters on opening night because my parents were the coolest fucking people in the world. I went completely mad for it, I had the shaped picture disc of the theme song and absolutely loved the green slimy greedy ghost, later christened Slimer. I loved all of the performances, especially Aykroyd and Weaver and I remember returning to the cinema when it received a much wanted re-release – man, you might find this strange in a world where you type a title into Google and you have EVERY FILM EVER MADE at your disposal. I would be a hypocrite to suggest that the Spotify/Netflix universe is a bad thing, it allows you to discover things you would never otherwise have bothered with, but I do miss the special event that seeing a film used to be, that trip with your parents to the cinema, a box of Fruit Pastilles and a cola, a tiny tub of ice cream goodness, the magic of the curtain opening. In a perfect world, we would have had a reissue of the original film perhaps a year before this, to remind everyone of why all of us of a certain age fell for its big screen charms.
The year of the re-release, we also had the joy of Ghostbusters at home with the first VHS release. As technology sped up, we also got it on DVD and a features packed Blu-Ray and I also remember one of the most heartfelt gifts I ever received was when I bought a PSP console and my sister gave me the UMD version of the film, not because it was a birthday or Xmas just because “I know that you love it.” Perhaps it is all of these memories combined that gives Ghostbusters a fan base more alive than simply comedy fans who like the jokes, we grew up with these characters, through the two big screen journeys and the television shows. Hell, I even remember renting the old The Ghost Busters TV show with the dated comedy and the monkey, just because of that title!
So, the new Ghostbusters, where do I stand on you, today? With this latest trailer, I am ready to grab a Coke and some 3D glasses and hit the cinema in the first week. It looks like Ghostbusters, it feels like Ghostbusters and the chemistry is there with Wiig, McCarthy, McKinnon and Hemsworth that should be spun into gold when we finally see the complete movie. Of course, if it turns out to just be rubbish, we have not lost anything. The original is still there in those boxes on your bookcase or stored in your PC. It will not be wiped away just because you don’t enjoy what they do to the franchise. No one’s childhood is being ruined, those memories the type of which I have talked about above, will still be there, unbroken. We can just hope that the new team will give us new things to love, new set pieces to wow at and a great deal of laughs and scares along the way. Are you in? I’m in.


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