Goldberg Announced For WWE 2K17 :


If you have been following WWE action closely over the last week, you will have seen some teasers placed on their tweet feed merely showing a dark door and the hashtag #HATCH. Many thought that this was hyping a new RAW superstar, perhaps something like the old Undertaker character and for a while there I was imagining WWE Films working on a Jurassic classic with maybe Dean Ambrose.
Now the reveal shows that in fact it is neither of these things, it is for the unveiling of this year’s pre-order bonus for the popular WWE 2K wrestling game series. Recent years have given you the chance to play as Stone Cold, The Ultimate Warrior and even Sting and now we know that purchasers of WWE 2K17 are to be given the chance of playing as Bill Goldberg. Will this mean the man himself will return for one more match, or that he is set to join the Hall Of Fame next year? Time will tell, but here is the atmospheric trailer featuring the man himself. GOLDBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!!!!!!!!


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