‘See You Down The Mixer’ :


If you ever made the big journey up to Camden Town from your tiny South West (me)/wherever town during the Britpop era, then chances are you have some great memories of times spent in The Good Mixer in Inverness Street.

I spent time hanging out with Steve Lamacq, Johnny Dean, Stuart Black, Simon White, Graham Coxon and in more recent time with Amy Winehouse, it seemed like it was a place where you could have adventures that would last a lifetime. Now, with Defuse Productions currently creating the ultimate film about this scene, they have also announced a night out to promote it and fill you with all the booze and nostagia that you can handle.

Friday 12th August, 8.30-2am, tickets only. Get those skinny ties out and let’s lean on the bar mouthing the words to I’ll Manage Somehow to a cute dyed hair girl in the corner…The past is the future is the past. Tickets available at midday 1/6/16. 🙂

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