Quote, Unquote : James Dean Bradfield

Quote, Unquote : James Dean Bradfield


“Fuck it. I don’t give a fuck, either. If it helped people to enjoy a gig, to go ‘We only wanna get drunk’, and then get drunk, I couldn’t give a fuck. [He’s emphatic and animated on this point.] I couldn’t give a flying fuck. [Adopts voice of prissy, stuck-up critic] ‘Oh, how irresponsible, oh how disingenuous, blah blah’ – oh, fuck off, you fucking prick. I’m not that precious about it, I’m really not. If it helps you get where you want to go, in a gig, great. It’s such a brilliant lyric, ‘We don’t talk about love. We only want to get drunk,’ and then the lines after that are just genius: ‘And we are not allowed to spend/As we are told that this is the end.’ You know? That’s a fucking amazing couplet, that is. Foretelling the fear of boom-and-bust politics, and ‘tighten your belts’ and all that. Being told ‘stay in your place’, but also ‘you can’t enjoy yourself either’.”


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