Poem : Trees, Mountains, Oceans, Adventures

Poem : Trees, Mountains, Oceans, Adventures


I have turned off the television,
I cannot stand to see so much pain twenty four hours a day.
Celebrities struck down by cancer,
Eaten away until nothing remains.
Young men taking bullets to the heart
Just for being the wrong colour to be innocents.
Countries devastated by the bomb
Running from their own land’s hatred,
Just to find it worse in the place where they thought they’d find peace.
I have turned off the television.
It does not mean I do not care,
But the pain cuts me right to the bone,
Sometimes metaphorically
And other times literally.
Crimson tears seem easier to cry.
The world needs a Band-Aid
There’s a slash in civilisation.
Hold your loved ones.
Make fine memories.
Help the world rebuild what used to be.
Trees, mountains, oceans, adventures.


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