My Chemical Romance Shoot Down Rumours And I Remember The Black Parade :


So yesterday the Internet pretty much turned itself inside out when My Chemical Romance premiered a new logo and a date on their website. Were they getting back together? Would there be a The Black Parade tour? Did this mean that The Black Parade Is NOT Dead?
Following the explosion, the band has popped the hope balloon of the fans and confirmed that this only refers to a special edition of the album to celebrate its tenth (!!!) anniversary and NOT a band reunion.
When I read this I was kinda pissed off that they had set us up for a fall but then the obsessive fan in me poked me and said “Hey! You did ALL the Black Parading that a boy could do!” and yeah, I was right.
The first time I saw them was at the tiny hall at the BIC, a stroppy little show just before they went supernova and Gerard held us in his gaze and it was one of the greatest gigs ever. The next time was at the Cardiff CIA. Before the show I went into the Forbidden Planet and was confused that there was a security dude inside. Then as I looked at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff, I noticed FRANK IERO and MIKEY WAY looking at the comics. Standing behind the Star Wars stuff, I got my shit together and ‘casually’ went over to pick up a Spider-Ma comic “Excuse me, dude. Can I get to the Spidey? Oh. Hi, Mikey!” SMOOTH. We talked about the tour and the new Turtles movie, which Frank said was “Not my thing, dude”. I left them to the comics and turned around to find GERARD WAY RIGHT THERE. This hole tale should be told in caps! We talked of comics, he was just working on Umbrella Academy and seemed impressed how much I knew about it. *Homework good* Then we took a picture and I flipped my old phone over and DELETED THE PIC. Too cool to reenter now that the security had seen me fanspazz I strolled on to the Arena, got myself a ticket from a tout and enjoyed one of the greatest gigs EVER, full on Black Parade, a massive show only belittled by the huge theatrical TBP set at the O2, where I was sitting so high to see MSI and MCR that I was beginning to feel a little swirly from the height! My only time up in those seats, but it did give a great view of the action on the stage of which there was plenty, it was like being at the Opera House, but you know, Emo Metal.
So yeah, I never saw them be anything other than super fucking sweet. Is it worth ruining this just for ‘one more greatest hit show for the devotees’? Thanks for the music boys, just be careful how you tease us in future, huh? ❤


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