Movie : Ghostbusters

Movie : Ghostbusters


My name is Kendall Lacey and i LIKE Ghostbusters. There it is, haters, ow you can crawl back to your corners of the Internet and whine that someone you trusted has been taken in by the big nasty studio with their big nasty reboot.
Have they gone? Good. Then get ready for a fantastic two hours of jolts, laughs and action as Paul Feig resurrects a favourite franchise and sprinkles it with fairy dust and lets it fly. (This is not me Disneyfying it, actually it is an in joke that will make sense when you’ve seen it).
The new Ghostbusters are all a joy, from the trailers I knew I had fallen for Holtzmann and I already love McCarthy and Wiig in anything, the only problem was that the character of Patty Tolan seemed to be there just to be loud and annoying. So imagine my surprise, when in the finished article, Leslie Jones is both charming and hilarious, her character fits in brilliantly thanks to her street smarts and attitude and by the end of the movie, she is definitely a favourite.
When I as a kid, I remember the original freaking me out, every single time I saw it. If I am being honest, just the thought of the library ghost RIGHT NOW makes me feel a little uneasy. And yet I watched it over and over. On VHS, on DVD, on UMD (I remember my sister giving me this as a random present “Just because you like it”, which was one of the most beautiful things ever, love you Shu!) and up to Blu-Ray. Does the new version feature such chills? Yes, definitely, whilst in the trailers it may appear to play all the ghosts for laughs (and yes, they DO blast one in the balls), in the film there is that same sense of dread before the laughs flow, the most scary for me was a shop work dummy that starts chasing after Patty, freakier than any of the neon entities nd likely to pop up in my nightmares any day now.
Do the actor nods get in the way? Absolutely not, I was worried there would almost be a big neon sign saying “LOOK! DAN AYKROYD!” but it is better than that, Murray is a joy and Aykroyd shines in his few seconds. Nods rather than stopping the show, good work Mr Feig, good work.
Okay, so you get that I found it hilarious and thrilling. (“It smells like burnt baloney and regret”/”You know an aquarium is a submarine for fish”) Now we must talk about Kate McKinnon…
Holtzmann is an absolute joy every second that she is on screen. Whether she is powering up some new invention or just goofing around in a purple wig, you fall head over heels for this amazing woman. This is the breakout performance of the year and watch how every studio will be scrambling for her signature and every boy/girl will be in love. Incredible.
So there you have it, Ghostbusters is a great return to much loved tale and when the credits disappear and a final secret hits, you will be lining up ready for the sequel.
Or if you are one of the Internet hate brigade, you know what, fuck you. Paul Feig will continue to make movies that people love and McCarthy will continue to rule the box office. To quote the film itself “You know, it is easy to sit there and be the naysayer…” Believe that.
Oh, did I mention my favourite gag in the movie revolves around 80’s popster DeBarge? Never thought I would be writing THAT today, good work team.


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