Paul Draper To Release Limited T-Shirt, Mansun Fans Rejoice!

Paul Draper To Release Limited T-Shirt, Mansun Fans Rejoice!


If you have spent more than five minutes with me then we have probably had a conversation about Mansun. If you have gone out with me, then you probably own lots of tapes featuring Mansun. Essentially Mansun were one of the best bands in the world. Probably the only band that I would give (10) to every one of their albums. Five if you include the hits record.
And so you can imagine how happy I am with the return of Paul Draper, both for his brilliant work with The Anchoress and for his first solo EP, which continuing with the Mansun tradition was called EP One as a nod to those of us with obsessive tendencies who followed his former band from tiny venues and collected the numbered EPs. That is pretty much every Mansun fan I know, you don’t really bump into many people who just like them. I have bumped into people in The Good Mixer and five minutes later we were discussing our favourite version of Taxlo$$ or that second in the I Can Only Disappoint U demo where Paul’s voice breaks with emotion.
So, before we finally get Draper’s solo album Spooky Action, we can celebrate the number one chart position for the vinyl of EP One with a special limited edition t-shirt, available exclusively from his website. The shirt features the Anthony Gerace art from the EP and is up for pre-order now. This WILL sell out and there will only be one print run, so be quick. GO! PAUL DRAPER! SPOOKY T-SHIRT ACTION!!! *faints*


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