The Anchoress’ Amazing Debut Album Gets A Reissue!!!

The Anchoress’ Amazing Debut Album Gets A Reissue!!!


If you have any sense, then The Anchoress’ stunning debut album has probably been a mainstay on your CD player for a few months now. “But Kendall, we like having things on lovely black plastic! What about us?” Fear not, my friends, fear not, Catherine Anne Davies has your back and now Confessions Of A Romance Novelist is coming around again with a number of new bells and whistles. Put the date in your diary. 14th October 2016!

The vinyl edition is a gatefold sleeve 180g heavyweight double vinyl with lyric bags and it also includes 4 new acoustic tracks with strings by Gillian Wood and guest vocals by a certain Mr Paul Draper. ❤

For those who prefer CDs, no problem, the new 2CD collection features FIVE new acoustic tracks as well as a 20 page booklet.

How can this be any better? How about pre-ordering special editions from the website which come with a special edition signed postcard and art print? YES.

Go to the website now at for all of these essential versions. Buy one for each room and glide through the house like some sort of Austen heroine with Draper/Davies following you. You know it makes sense.


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