DVD : The Killing Joke

DVD : The Killing Joke


What a weekend to be a Batman/Joker fan. Firstly Jared Leto explodes onto the big screen and then Mark Hamill returns to the role of the laughing horror on DVD/Blu.
Firstly I should talk about what I did not enjoy much about The Killing Joke, namely the first quarter of an hour. It is told by Barbara Gordon and follows her love for the Batman, her talks with her gay librarian friend and her voiceovers. We know what happens to this character and whilst it is as horrible as ever when you see it explode on the screen, we have essentially come her to watch the bat and the laughing freak go to war. The whole BG thing is the equivalent of when I saw The Gyres support Manic Street Preachers, I was waiting for something bigger and better. Luckily in both cases I got it.
Once we start following the Joker and his plan to make to make the Bat fall, everything is electric, you have no idea which of the characters is going to snap and go crazy, while many times the Batman is portrayed as the hero and Joker is the baddie, here they are painted in the same way and we see how fates can change with (excuse the Harvey Dent reference) the flip of a coin.
Hamill is stunning throughout, he brings the mania of the Joker and he brings it 100%. Kevin Conroy again gives us a super Batman, throwing himself between law abiding hero and angry raging hate. Amazing.
The climax shows us that perhaps we are not so different when it all comes down to it and each one of us is merely one second away from puling the trigger if we are given a gun. You might laugh or you might be open mouthed. Like the villain of the piece. A great piece of work.


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