Quote, Unquote : Richey James Edwards

Quote, Unquote : Richey James Edwards



“I am an architect,
They call me a butcher,
I am a pioneer,
They call me primitive,
I am purity,
They call me perverted,
Holding you but I only miss these things when they leave,
I am idiot drug hive,
The virgin, the tattered and the torn,
Life is for the cold made warm and they are just lizards,
Self disgust is self-obsession honey and I do as I please,
A morality obedient only to be cleansed repented,
I am stronger than Mensa, miller and mailer,
I spat out Plath and Pinter,
I am all the things that you regret,
A truth that washes that learn’t how to spell,
The first time you see yourself naked you cry,
Soft skin now acne,
Foul breath so broken,
He loves…”

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