R.I.P. Kasper, My Beautiful Friend :

R.I.P. Kasper, My Beautiful Friend :


A night when two old friends messaged me to check if I was okay and to tell me the news about one of my favourite people in the world, leaving it. It would be hypocritical to ask why or what could have been done, hell the last time I heard from him he was laughing about a t shirt he found online. And now a few days later he is gone.
Yet he will always be there when I listen to The Smiths or The Holy Bible or Special Needs and I will laugh at the times we spent together, although there were not enough of them, him not being of this country, hell Kasp was hardly of this planet, he was a spark of light that would make everything brighter.
Stories…We went to The Good Mixer and two jokers decided to start on us. One said “God, you are so indie” and Kasper stood up, got in his face and said “HOW DARE YOU! He is not indie, he is Kendall Lacey and he is Kendallrock!” and they backed off. Then Kasp pretty much worshipped me for going to talk to Graham Coxon and praise his solo material. We chinked glasses and Kasper’s eyes were so wide “God, Kendall you are the BEST!”
We went to a NYE gig with The Others, Special Needs, The Rakes, I remember the brilliance of the gig and also sitting on the pavement outside with Tukru and Lori and just smiling.
Other times he would attempt to chat me up with a simple “I know you don’t play that way, but i would TOTALLY DO YOU!”, haha, that used to make me laugh.
He loved The Smiths, Hefner, Special Needs, all those glam bands that most people don’t seem to know about, Hedwig, Rocky Horror, glam glam glam.
I fucking loved Kasper, he was the best. Sorry I didn’t roll your sexual way, little dude, but I gave you a million hugs and I am sending you one now. Love you, Kasp. So long. ❤


One thought on “R.I.P. Kasper, My Beautiful Friend :

  1. Reblogged this on Ant Meads and commented:
    After the shambles of words I wrote today, my friend Kendall did it so much better.
    Please read about what a wonderful friend we lost.
    Gonna miss you so much Kasper ❤️

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