Movie Review : Sausage Party

Movie Review : Sausage Party

sausage party

Sometimes I want to be basked in the genius of Stanley Kubrick or Terry Gilliam. Other times I crave the genius of Kurosawa or The Seventh Seal. Then, at other times, I want Seth Rogen playing a smoked sausage in a film that features such immortal lines as “I’m gonna crack them crackers right in the crack of the asses. Crackasscrackers.” – YES, Sausage Party is a piece of animated magic. You might think you are in a Disney netherworld when you hear the opening song The Great Beyond, not surprising as it was written by Alan Menken, the musical writer of The Little Mermaid, perhaps the greatest Disney soundtrack of them all. At no point in those songs such as Kiss The Girls did we meet such lines as frankfurters “coming to eliminate the juice” or a mustard screaming “I’m going to the great beyond, motherfuckers”. Yes, make sure you leave junior at home for this one.
I was worried that after the brilliant trailers, we might have seen everything Sausage Party had to offer, but no, there are jokes, jokes, thousands of them, every minute another one comes, each dirtier and funnier than the one before. “You cocksucking bagel fuckface!” “They come on our faces!”, even a piece of gum in a wheelchair saying “Suck my pink cock” through his computer. Man, it is a riot.
The story is a simple one, the ingredients in the supermarket have been told about the great beyond, a place beyond the doors where heaven exists. Alas, one day a honey flavoured mustard comes back to the store and tells them the horrible truth that the humans are monsters. Then, when Brenda Bunsen and Frank the titular sausage get split up, our porcine hero must save the day. Of course with Seth Rogen in charge, some of the gags are brainless but hilarious and others are cinematic “I’m gonna get you, my pretty, and your little sausage too!” “Friends, ramen, country club lemonade, lend me your ears. Of corn” – hit after hit, I will certainly need to see Sausage Party again to get all the references but that will hardly be a chore, this will be joining the South Park movie as one of the funniest things you will ever see on the big screen and everyone will come out with their own fave gags. (I’m a fan of Sammy Bagel, Junior, played brilliantly by Ed Norton)
There is so much more to surprise and delight that I don’t wanna spoil, the cameo by a certain pop star stops the show, incredible.
This is certainly a massive wiener. sorry, WINNER. Classic. It joins Zootopia as the movie of the year, just make sure you show the right one to your children. “FUCK! They’re eating children!!!”


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