Movie Review : Popstar – Never Stop Never Stopping

Movie Review : Popstar – Never Stop Never Stopping


Okay, let’s get the ‘blah blah Spinal Tap’ bit out of the way first. But I am NOT using that as a diss on the excellent Popstar, this is essentially Tap if they were a super massive pop band rather than metal dudes. Again, you will get most out of the film if you know a lot about the genre that they are lampooning, hell as someone who saw NKOTB a number of times and had all their merchandise, I guess I am one of the target audience. And I fucking loved it.
The Lonely Island shine throughout, you might have only encountered them thanks to the classic Everything Is Awesome from the Lego Movie but as soon as the credits end on their big screen adventure, you’ll be checking out everything you can find about these dudes.
Like Tap, the soundtrack works brilliantly whilst also putting a mirror up to some of the most ridiculous cliches of the genre, ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Bin Laden’ will have you grooving and laughing in tandem.
Of course, a film like this relies upon the lines you remember and start spouting on your way home. Mine are “People are blowing up my Twitter” “Some of those are probably bots” / “You’re my icon. Right next to Jesus and Morgan Freeman.” and my personal favourite “10 seconds? That is a third of the way to Mars!” “30 Seconds To Mars is the name of a band. It’s not a fact.” Brilliant.
It will take a few more watches or a few listens to the soundtrack to get all the clever lyrics involved, though the one that got me was “I’m OJ. I’m Simpson. I’m Martha. I’m Plimpton.” an obscure reference to one of my favourite actresses there, brilliant.
This is gonna be quite a short review as you are better going into Popstar cold, not knowing the huge list of celebrities and actors who are part of telling this hilarious story. The one I will mention is Justin Timberlake, playing the band’s chef and obviously knowing that the film is very much winking at him from his *Nsync days, just seeing him shows that this is a labour of love rather than a campaign of hate against the acts it follows.
If you have ever been to a pop gig, bought a pop record or checked out MTV back in the day when they used to actually play videos, then Popstar : Never Stop Never Stopping should be at the top of your ‘movies to see’ chart right now. Essential, hilarious, classic.


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