In Response To Olly Murs’ Rant On ‘The State Of The Charts’ :

In Response To Olly Murs’ Rant On ‘The State Of The Charts’ :


Firstly, let it be known that I have no problem with Murs, he is one of those harmless people who i would rather kids listen to than the 4real options of Smith/Sheeran. And my ex really liked him. That’s pretty much all the experience I have with him. Although he did a thing with Demi Lovato which was not as good as any of the things she did alone.
If this has passed you by, Olly has been complaining about how streaming has changed the musical world and how he struggles watching his singles coming in at number twenty eight instead of the old days of releasing a record on a certain day and watching it enter at number one. Well, from one point of view, it is a valid opinion, the whole idea of not waiting months for a single is alien to me, I used to know the release dates of everything, every Monday I would go to the store and drown in my odd varied tastes. I remember going into HMV the day Alive by Pearl Jam came out (alright, grandad!) and they looked confused and the buyer had to go outside and look in his hatchback and i got the CD single, happy as you like. But if someone like Frank Turner said this, he would make a point of it by going back to the tiny venues that he began in, to show that he was the same dude just a lot more famous. Olly Murs on the other hand has done the following – complained about the state of the charts, looked for sympathy and then appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and THEN announced an arena tour, a big fat brilliant arena tour. Now I find it hard to cry for a star having a hard time with his chart positions when at the same time he is selling out multiple nights at the O2 Arena. And of course, there is a MASSIVE elephant in the room, Murs never played Water Rats, ignored the Barfly, does not know where Clwb Ifor Bach is. He came from reality TV, the conveyer belt of new popsters for today’s short attention span youngsters. The charts began taking a tumble when you could bet on winners of different shows having number ones at a particular week of the year and you could always be right. Before the winner of this contest was even announced. If you’re Luke Haines and you tour for decades, only to watch your latest masterpiece fail to set the charts alight then okay, you can whine a little. At least with Haines there would be intelligent bitterness behind the tirade. When Murs was probably still pooping on his mom’s carpet, Luke Haines suggested a pop strike, stood outside HMV dressed in black and saw the death of the classic single by staring into his bitter crystal ball. Murs? Straight to TV, straight to mainstream shows, straight to the top, straight to the arena circuit, I’m not saying you have to suffer in order to be important, but really, don’t attack the chart and then splash your gurning face all over the billboards of the country. You will look, at best, somewhat deluded and, at worst, a dick.
Good luck on that chart position on Sunday! No wait, Friday! Hell, even the day is wrong! Save Us Olly! Here’s an idea, don’t charge between 80 and 100 quid for a ticket and maybe your young audience will have some disposable cash for your latest hit. Just a thought.


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