Hattie Cooke, Coming Soon On Cassette :


You like intelligent female fronted pop music, right? Then I suggest going out on October 8th to buy the excellent new album from Hattie Cooke. The word quirky gets chucked around rather too often these days, but their is something very likable about releasing your sophomore record on cassette, sure you can download it too via iTunes, but I very much like the idea of the cassette, it seems to fit as some of the songs here, such as the beautiful Song 14 could easily have been slotted into the scenes of a John Hughes movie where Jon Cryer fails to get the girl. There is longing, there is beauty and there is a soaring, flying synth sound that is the musical equivalent of PJ Harvey covering the soundtrack to Drive. Yeah, that good.

Hattie Cooke is available on 8/10 on Third Kind Records. https://thirdkindrecords.bandcamp.com/


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