MOVIE : Behind The Mask – The Batman : Dead End Story

MOVIE : Behind The Mask – The Batman : Dead End Story


When you think of fan fiction, you will probably either think of jokey Youtube videos or teen written love stories between popular movie heroes/villains. But Batman : Dead End was a different kind of fan film. Bear in mind that we did not have the Nolan trilogy yet, the last Bat on the big screen was Clooney hamming it up like a slice of palma against Arnie at his best/worst. Dead End took it back to the comics and the story is a very interesting one, telling us that it was originally to feature Sly Stallone as the Bat and Mark Hamill as The Joker. Yet, due to rights issues, both bowed out and it seemed that Sandy Collora’s movie might never see the light of day. Yet those who thought that obviously never met Mr Collora, who is portrayed here as unbelievably determined, whether he is catching fish or putting his fave heroes (the movie featured not only Batman and Joker but Predator and Alien too) back on the silver screen.
Dead End is only part of the story here, but Collora is eminently watchable at all times as he spins tales of his time at the Stan Winston Workshop, tales of his family’s touching support and the years after his big comic con hit.
Lesser director’s would have taken any of the films offered him after Batman (XXX2, Snakes On A Plane) and you may find yourself shouting at the screen “TAKE THE DOLLAR!” as he tells of his lost years in Hollywood, but it is good to see the success of his sci-fi epic Hunter Prey and his great passion for an unreleased spectacle called The Circle that looks as if it would be massive, but then so did Warcraft and John Carter (the second of which i adored for the record) and so perhaps it is better to watch this brilliant documentary, seeing these crazy creatures just sitting in his workshop rather than bombing at the box office, he seems too good a guy for that.


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