Movie : Blair Witch


When The Blair Witch Project caught all horror fans and a large portion of the mainstream off guard, we lived in a very different world. No social media keeping us up to date each minute, no camera phones taking our images and projecting them around the world each second, no Blair Witch was the first to use the Internet as a tool to create its own legend. The deeper you dug into the history (of which, of course, there was none) of the Witch and the area in which she prowled, the more you got out of the film when it finally arrived on our big screens, having made its debut at the house of critics on an unmarked VHS tape. As a reader (as I proudly still am) of Aint It Cool News, I watched a tiny budget curiosity smash all records and I was also there day one for the sequel, which took a completely different road to the first, but I still loved.
Now Blair Witch is a natural sequel to the first picture, using the same tricks to scare the pants off you and have your heart beating like a freight train for its brilliant ninety minutes.
The story is simple, Heather’s brother from the original is still looking for her and gets a tape which he thinks shows an image of his sister and goes out into the woods to try and find her. Simple, effective. What follows I will not spoil here, but be prepared for all sorts of camera trickery, as these campers have headlamps, cameras, video and even a drone, but as you might expect, none of these things help when they are stuck in the grasp of the horror.
Adam Wingard showed his classic horror chops with You’re Next and here he continues his love of straight up non-ironic jump scare tactics, some of which had my heart feeling like it was going to explode out of my chest, on at least three occasions I looked away, beaten by the dark things that my imagination had dreamed up whilst the cameras clicked on and off and the sound effects created all sorts of crazed panic.
Whatever you are afraid of, it comes to life here – old houses, attics, basements, enclosed spaces (This one GOT ME GOOD), strange noises, infections, darkness, witches, tick them off the list as you board a rollercoaster ride which won’t set you down until you are finding it hard to breathe and imagine you will never sleep again. That’s a compliment, obviously.

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