Blu-Ray : Nixon (Election Year Edition) :


I love Oliver Stone. Always have. Platoon was one of the movies that I watched with my dad at least once a week, perfect cinema. JFK was a beautiful look at an ugly piece of history. Anyone who does not love Natural Born Killers is probably reading the wrong blog.
And so to Nixon. I didn’t know a lot about R.N. until Manic Street Preachers released a song about him and then I read all the books and got up to date. But the movie works so well, whether you know nothing or everything, this is a film to watch, it is beautiful in terms of look and build, a true masterpiece.
Hopkins is astonishing as Nixon, it takes a while to get used to his accent but when you do it is just incredible. Joan Allen as his wife is perhaps even better, always there but never blind.
James Woods is spectacular as are the rest of the supporting cast.
The extras are great – a new documentary looks at Nixon’s legacy and there is a Charlie Rose edition with Oliver Stone which is interesting and essential.
Look at the TV, get scared, watch this, vote Clinton.

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