Movie : Storks



When I first saw the poster for Storks, I thought it would not be for me. Yet I had not read the small print…Not only is it from the creator of one of my favourite comedies ever, Get Him To The Greek, but the main stork is played by Andy Samberg of The Lonely Island. Suddenly it became essential. 🙂
Storks takes place in a world where storks no longer deliver babies, now they are in charge of a massive Amazon style operation that delivers parcels to the humans. This is a clever beginning, a comment on the change in people at the start of the 21st century, how we now aspire to own rather than to create, need rather than nurture, how a new phone can bring temporary relief from what life throws at us – it is a strong message wrapped in cotton wool.
Yet there was a baby lost who never got to her parents, she remains in the warehouse, being shifted and shuffled until one day, Junior starts the machine and they have another baby to deliver, but this time they will not fail. That is not a spoiler is it? There are certainly plenty of perils along the way, not least a pack of wolves who fall for the little darling, played brilliantly by Key and Peele of Keanu fame. They steal all the scenes that they are in but all the characters are well painted and interesting. EXCEPT ONE. Yes, there is a pigeon who is this film’s equivalent of the turtle in Finding Nemo. God, I hate that turtle. The pigeon is the most annoying thing, whenever he is on screen the film threatens to grind to a halt, so I have no idea why he is given the only song to sing, I dunno, perhaps the kids will love him. I hate him.
Pigeon aside, Storks is a great animated treat that speeds along at such a pace that you never get the chance to be bored and chances are you will want to come back and see what you missed. Hey, how many movies contain the lines “Is your seat wet?” “Yes, it’s urine.”?

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