DVD : The Good Dinosaur

DVD : The Good Dinosaur


There was a time where every Pixar movie was massive. Then they decided to release two movies in the same year and no one seemed to bother seeing the second one. Of course, the first, Inside Out, was a stone cold classic, but so is The Good Dinosaur, watching this animated masterpiece now, I wonder what took me so long, I loved the trailers, I loved the posters, WHY KENDALL WHY? It’s fine, I have seen it now and it turns out it is one of my favourite Pixar treats ever.
The story is a simple one. Terrified dinosaur meets human, gets lost and must find his way home. Sometimes the simplest tales are the best, allowing the characters and the environments to shine. If you don’t leave this film wanting every item they ever put Arlo the dino on then, well, we are very different. 🙂
The film nods to a number of different types of film, with Blazing Saddles, Lebowski, The Incredible Journey, epic westerns and of course the seemingly forgotten Dinosaur all getting nods.
Perhaps the biggest thing about The Good Dinosaur is how sad it is in places, sadder than any of their previous films. When Arlo loses his father, I was ready to just turn away from the screen, it was so upsetting. The film revolves around the idea of family and friendship and love and it has a very strong emotional pull throughout. When you first meet Spot you will probably hate him like I did, but within a few scenes, he turns out to be a great help to Arlo and you cheer on this partnership.
Like previous films, there are a huge number of supporting characters to make you laugh and/or scare you. But the best moments are those that just feature our two heroes trying to reach the mountain and get back to ‘their’ family.
The Good Dinosaur is beautiful, emotional, classic. And you can currently grab two DVDs for 12 pounds so you can grab this and movie of the year Zootopia. Link :


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