Poem : Sweet And Sour Girl

Poem : Sweet And Sour Girl


Getting another stronger drink
Trying to forget about you, again.
They are playing a hallowed song
We used to listen to together
When I lay on your bed
Arm in arm
Staring at the ceiling
And feeling like a king.
There was nothing to stop us,
We ruled, we ruled the whole fucking world.
Then, like that, in an instant, a deadly flash,
It ended in a shadow and a cut.
He finished the tune
That we had been humming for years.
I thank you for every second I spent close to your perfect body,
Your perfect mind.
If you could be mine for a second,
We could be happy forever.
Never did we think we’d fail,
But the director’s cut slashed me from the story
And all I’m left with are sweet and sour memories of glory.


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