Goldberg Destroys Lesnar At Survivor Series :

Goldberg Destroys Lesnar At Survivor Series :


Talking over Survivor Series for the last few weeks, me and my wrestling buddies Chris and Carlos all knew that the only way the ‘fantasy warfare’ match was going to end was with Brock Lesnar standing tall, possibly bloodied, over the quivering body of Bill Goldberg.
Don’t get me wrong, I WANTED Goldberg to win, he is certainly one of my fave icons of all time and having him return to the WWE has been one of the highlights of the year for me. It just seemed that Vince has built up Brock to such an extent that he can defeat anyone quicker than advocate Paul Heyman can scream “SUPLEX CITY!”.
Yet, on the night, the night of my birthday, when I had blown out the metaphorical candles and asked for a Goldberg 1-2-3, The Icon returned and saw his way past Lesnar in the space of a minute and a half, longer than it took for either man to hit the ring. There was a push, there were TWO spears and there was a jackhammer, then the crowd still singing the name of Goldberg were stunned as Lesnar fell. It was a stunning display that reminded you that Goldberg was never really about being a great wrestler, he was about the quick 1-2, the two moves and a victory and the crowd going home happy.
Sure there were a load of other matches, including a great Intercontinental match and a traditional SS match with a great Shane move through Strowman and through the table, but the night belonged to Goldberg and his proud son and wife watching at ringside. We all felt their joy last night!


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