My Top Ten Films Of 2016 :

My Top Ten Films Of 2016 :


1. Zootopia
2. Popstar : Never Stop Never Stopping
3. Trolls
4. Captain America : Civil War
5. De Palma
6. Arrival
7. Star Wars : Rogue One
8. Suicide Squad
9. Sausage Party
10. Storks

Cool As Hell : Rhys Wakefield

Cool As Hell : Rhys Wakefield


Wakefield steals the show in The Purge, so when I checked where else I could see him, I was surprised to find the net full of ‘Clean Cut Kid’ pictures from when he was in …Home And Away. Odd. Still, now he can be the new Michael Pitt – his character in The Purge certainly seems to borrow from Funny Games, which is a great influence which allows him to be totally dark and totally cool AT THE SAME TIME.