MOVIE : Moana

MOVIE : Moana



Moana will be the perfect movie to enjoy at Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Beach Resort hotel, one of my favourite places in the world . 🙂
The story focusses on the titular Moana who must set off on an epic journey to save her tribe after their fish supply dries up and all of their crops fail. It seems that the fault here lies with Maui, a demigod who stole the heart of a goddess, which must be replaced in order to bring prosperity back to the island.
The film moves slowly to start with, especially compared to recent Disney classics such as Zootopia and Frozen and for the first half hour or so, the main character is the beautiful ocean that Moana traverses. Sure there is also a funny chicken sidekick, but mostly it is just the water and the girl.
Things pick up when we meet up with Maui, a big dumb jerk played by The Rock. His opening song ‘You’re Welcome’ is a toe tapping treat (by the writers of Hamilton) and the first example of something that might become another ‘Let It Go’ after a few slightly bland Hawaiian themed set piece songs early on.
The highlight of the film is the appearance of Jemaine Clement of Flight Of The Conchords, who plays a sparkling crab baddie and steals the show with his brilliant song. The scenes with him shine and remind me of classics such as The Little Mermaid, which is as big a compliment as you can get in Kendallfilm World.
The last hour flies by, as we meet creatures and monsters and other things that I will not spoil and of course, it is no spoiler to say that The Rock’s character learns what it means to have friends and be a saviour. But mostly Moana is an hour and a half of Girl Power, with the simple message that if you follow your dreams you can change the world, which in this world of Trump, is one that all children should be sure of.


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